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IPC Canada Photo Services Inc. ownership team encompasses over 75 years of experience in the Church Photo Directory and Family Portraits marketplace. We have offices in Winnipeg, Regina, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and GTA.


100% Canadian, we are proud to offer our service from coast to coast. Today, we produce more Albums for Canadian Churches than any other company in our industry.


IPC's Pictorial Directories are offered at no cost and designed by our professional team

IPC's Portraits are taken by the most experienced photographers in the industry


Why 9 out of 10 Canadian churches choose IPC Canada Photo Services Inc. to produce their pictorial directories?


Easiest program to organize

Most experienced field staff

Most advanced digital technology

Fastest delivery of directories & portraits

Most flexible directory layout options

Economical portrait prices

All products are made in Canada


Why do a Church Pictorial Directory?


Helps members to recognize one another by name

Builds community

Lasting keepsake

Provides an historical record for future generations

Creates awareness of your congregation as a family

Excellent outreach tool for inactive and potential new members

Provides an invaluable reference

Proven Fund-raiser


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