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How is the program financed?

Every family photographed by IPC will have the opportunity to purchase professional portraits, however there is no obligation.

How do we get started?

Our local IPC representative will tailor a program to meet your needs and timelines.

Are there a minimum number of families that must participate?

We have a minimum number of 25.

How many volunteers are required to organize your program?

The number of volunteers is based upon the number of families who belong to your church.

How long is the photography process?

From registration through taking photos and choosing your directory poses between 30-45 minutes.

What to wear for the best professional photography?

Group coordinated solid colours, long sleeves and smile.

What are the prices of your portraits?

30%-40% lower than a private studio and there are no sitting fees.

Our portrait consultant will be pleased to present package options to meet your needs and budget.

What is the cost to produce an IPC Pictorial Directory?

There is no cost to your church.

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