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St. Stephens Memorial and Holy Trinity London, along with Christ Church Glanworth, have now received our photo directories and we couldn’t be happier. The entire process from concept, to photographs, to building the directory has gone smoothly and at every turn IPC staff have been incredibly helpful.

This was a project of three churches who have recently come into a closer relationship and this directory is key in us getting to know one another.

St. Stephens Memorial, Holy Trinity London, Christ Church Glanworth, ON 


People couldn’t say enough about them. They especially liked the quality paper. Please let everyone involved know that we are thrilled with the product. A great job was done by all.

St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Smithville, ON


We have found IPC staff to be both professional and friendly. Every family photographed has the opportunity to purchase professional portraits, however there is no obligation and no pressure to do so.

We believe that the program is an excellent community builder and we do not hesitate to recommend IPC Canada to Churches who are interested in a first class, high quality photo directory.

Kingsway-Lambton United Church, Etobicoke, ON


On behalf of the photo directory committee I would like to thank IPC for the wonderful job that you and the staff did in assisting us along the way to completion of our 30th anniversary edition of our church directory.

St. John of the Cross Parish, Mississauga, ON


We are very pleased with the new photo directory. Thanks to you and IPC for assisting in the production of this great directory.

Saint Matthew Catholic Parish Community, Oakville, ON 


I found your promotional materials, instructions, and advice very helpful in making photography appointments.

In my opinion, IPC has the best possible process for working with churches to produce photo directories.

St. Marks Anglican, Saskatoon, SK


This is our 5th directory and this is the best by far. The directories are beautiful.St. Josephs RC, Balgonie, SKThe quality of the book, the paper and the pictures in the directory are excellent. The directory is a beautiful resource to help our staff identify our parishioners.

Blessed Sacrament, Regina, SK


We feel the photo directory helps to build our church community, to remind us we all belong to it. Since we are from three different towns, it is useful for us to get to know members of the other churches.

Northern Lake Pastoral Charge, St. Walburg, SK


Your staff are helpful, patient, gracious and go the extra mile to assist. As a result, the parish directory has been a winner with our members.

St. Andrews Ukrainian Orthodox, Edmonton, AB


Your photography teams were wonderful and impressed everyone. Universally, the feedback has been that people like their photos.

Grace United, Lloydminster, AB


Thank you for a great job to your staff who worked with us to complete our first pictorial directory. The directory layout and design selections was very easy to follow and provided us with some good options.

Cornerstone Baptist, Fairview, AB


Photos were good quality and an attractive and professional directory was produced. Timeline for proofs and the final directory were as promised.Mount Zion Lutheran, Edmonton, AB


The directory exceeded our expectations in both the quality of the pictures and the layout and design you provided.

St. Cecilias Parish, Calgary, AB


We raised more than $3000 and all advertisers were our own parishioners.

St. Thomas Moore, Calgary, AB


The photo directory looks wonderful, was well received by our congregation, and best of all, matches the essence of our church community.

Hillhurst United, Calgary, AB


Your service was very good, it was on time, and you conducted your business in a professional and courteous manner.

Trinity United, Fort Macleod, AB


From start to finish, all of your staff went the extra mile to ensure that both your service and the finished directory would meet our expectations.

St. Andrews Presbyterian, Calgary, AB


Many of our families have commented on how good the photographer was, and I appreciate the helpful staff who walked us through the process.

Zion United, Armstrong, BC


We received our completed directories in 69 days from the last day of our photography session.

St. Pauls Lutheran, Maple Ridge, BC


Our church family photo directories are everything that I was hoping for and our parishioners are very pleased with the result.

Holy Spirit, Kelowna, BC


Thank you for getting the Community Directory for our church done in such a short period of time.

St. John the Apostle, Vancouver, BC


The pictures are very sharp and clear and we are thrilled with the results.

St. Pauls United, Kelowna, BC


Your production department and customer service department were most helpful. All of our expectations were met.

Cathedral of Mary Immaculate, Nelson, BC


Everyone was pleased with their directory and portraits.

Kildonan United, Winnipeg, MB


Your photographers and portrait consultants were cordial and professional.

St. Augustine RC, Brandon, MB


Your one-step photography system was efficient. Our parishioners got to see the proofs of the poses taken and were able to choose right away the picture they wanted in the photo directory.

St. Edward the Confessor, Winnipeg, MB


It was an absolutely invaluable tool to me in joining the community immediately. The few hours that I spent in the leisure moments during that first week in the office paid off in spades. For I was able to address dozens of persons by name who I had not yet even met.

Trinity United Church, Cobourg, ON


I just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful directory. Its exactly what I pictured in my mind and you guys translated all my descriptions and made it perfect! Its a masterpiece, it brought tears to my eyes.

Centennial Road Standard Church, Brockville, ON


We also appreciate your valuable contribution to the process, and the quick response to any concerns and questions we had. It was comforting to know, when an issue arose, that we had easy access to you. Your involvement helped make the process less stressful.As a result we were rewarded with a beautiful book, in record time.

St. Andrews Memorial Anglican Church, Kitchener, ON


We were able to sell $4,000.00 of advertising, even though we are a small Parish in a small market.We were extremely satisfied with all aspects of the program and highly recommend it to any Parish or organization interested in preserving a record of its members.

Holy Family Parish, Deux Montagnes, Quebec


This was a special 50th Anniversary project for us and your company helped make our job easy and made us look good.

St. Davids United, Woodstock , ON


We especially found the online scheduling of portrait sittings to be most beneficial as it was available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week allowing parishioners to do their own scheduling at a time convenient to them. The talented photographers are to be commended for being able to capture the essence of each individual family, regardless of their numbers.

St. Alexander Roman Catholic Church, Fonthill, ON


I can't say enough about the staff at IPC Canada. Very informative, very courteous and very helpful, culminating in a perfect directory and beautiful pictures.The many variety of picture poses and the prompt picture showing was amazing and quite fast in spite of the large number of people being photographed. The final results on all pictures taken and purchased were amazing.

Lakeside Baptist, Haliburton , ON


I found your professional, diligent and detailed assistance very helpful in making this large undertaking a positive one for all involved. You met your deadlines, lived up to your promise of quality and surpassed your sated goal of caring companionship during this process. Should the occasion arise, I will not hesitate in choosing you for the future projects.

St. Mary of the Visitation, Cambridge, ON


We have received so many positive remarks about the directory, i.e. the cover, the layout, the clarity. One of the most positive experiences was the fact that people of the church, who had not been attending in quite some time, came out for their photo shot and seemed to enjoy seeing some of their old friends while they waited a short time, and have now started attending service/activities.

Cheyne Presbyterian, Stoney Creek, ON


I just want to say THANK YOU!!! very much for your assistance in getting our photo directories out to us in absolutely record time. They are beautiful and I am sure that all our church family members will be well pleased when they get their copy in hand.

Meadowvale Seventh Day Adventist, Mississauga, ON


The feedback has been extremely positive, not only the individual and family photos, but also the manner in which the activities of the Parish was presented in such a striking and pleasant pictorial essay.

St. Johns York Mills, Toronto, ON


This note is to say thank you for our wonderful photo directory. We are very pleased with it. We used the photo appointments to help build our sense of community in our reception area we had friendly volunteers and welcoming coffee & goodies. It was a good opportunity for newcomers to meet others and chat while waiting.

Metropolitan United, Toronto, ON


Feedback has been extremely positive and everyone we have heard from has been very pleased with the Album. We were amazed at how quickly we received the finished product and were able to distribute the albums before summer holidays began.

St. Elizabeth Seton, Newmarket, ON


From our first contact with IPC Photo Directory, we have had a positive experience. You were always ready to help us in the process of preparing our people for the photography sessions. The photographer was able and patient. The results of his work were most satisfactory. As promised, there was NO pressure to purchase.

Brampton West Alliance, Brampton, ON


From my experience, the new system is very efficient, much easier to work with and making appointments online required fewer volunteers and less work was involved.

St. Marys Road United, Winnipeg, MB


Your service was great. You did an excellent job. Families who ordered pictures were very satisfied and were surprised how

quickly they arrived.

Faith Lutheran, Coronach, SK



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